Beccara Lloyd - Quality schooling in Dressage, Horsemanship & Equitation for all levels
Trainer, Coach & Judge WEA.

I have had a lifelong association with horses, ranging in many different disciplines from classical horsemanship, dressage, showing, eventing, games, camp drafting, rodeo - barrel racing, bush trail roads, breaking in horses, skill at arms, working equitation, instructing, television, judging at WE,Ag & Royal shows.

My father a horseman & a black smith farrier, while her mother bred & showed western horses and barrel raced!

As I grew up I was trained for classical riding & dressage, I competed in dressage at state level, but my passion was breaking in and showing, so my mother shifted focus to primarily purchasing & breeding Arabian riding ponies.
While still under instruction for many years I focused on using my classical & dressage training I implemented this riding into breaking in & training of my show horses for many years with plenty of wins at Royal & National level, this would lead me to train & break in lots of other horses for my clients, I have also done many ridden demonstrations at Equitana, also worked in television as rider doubles.

While I had a break from the show ring & having my children, I finally pursued my rodeo passion and trained my part morgan mare to barrel race, seeing us feature in Rodeo in Aust Magazine, the Morgan horse calendar & website, we were approached by Arabian Horse News to be on the front cover, before unfortunately loosing my beloved mare to an unexpected paddock death in 2011.
I was completely devastated, but had to continue on with our breeding commitments, upon the loss of my mare, the president of the MHAA seen an opportunity for his Morgan stallion to be owned by us and reach his full potential as a performance & breeding horse, so he was offered to us for private purchase..... As this was our dream to one day have a pure black morgan stallion of his bloodlines we decided now was the time to set up our Morgan Horse Stud in Vic, now standing at stud our fantastic pure black Morgan stallion Watching Royalty.

Watching Royalty is now an 8 time National Supreme Champion Morgan for In-Hand, Under Saddle & Versatility performance.
The past 5 years has seen me dedicate my time training, breeding and campaigning him around Victoria, Sydney & South Australia for all of his wins.
He is now a very well known stallion, featuring on his very own bag of horse feed Fibregenix! He has also secured many sponsors & promotions - we work with AIS Horse Insurance (back cover of Horse Deals), HIDEZ animal compression products, Saddle World, Fibregenix Australia, Equissage Australia, JA Photographics.
We work with and promote products we personally use and believe in....

Along with our Working Equitation training - we were lucky enough to have a Portuguese master of classical dressage & champion of Working Equitation Pedro Neves stay with us a few times to teach all of his clients from our property while he is in Victoria!
We have also hosted the lovely Eduardo Almeida - Current world champion of WE. I am very fortunate to get to train with these horsemen and learn my craft.. I train & focus my dressage schooling on the Portuguese style of classical training. 


Along with our breeding, training & horsemanship work, I also work from home giving weekly private lessons & train horses.

My horses are ecouraged to develope physically & mentally through out their training, they become your friend, they understand and enjoy their training, they dont see us a threat they see us a friend, a friend they would happily do anything for!! Once a horse is understands whats being asked of them, they are confident & happy and a willing partner for life.

Working with many troubled horses I strongly believe that many horses are miss-understood and by using the horsemanship techniques & methods I have developed over my years of training I can ensure my horses are calm, happy, and confident and most of all understand their training, seeing the client having a well balanced & educated horse to take on for their desired discipline.

"The horse must understand any demands made by the rider with out any resistance. Reward the horse every time he does what is asked of him. Never ask for more than he is capable of giving. Make him a COMPANION, and not a slave and then you will see what a true friend he is" Nuno Olivieira" (this is some of my favorite words for the wonderful Nuno) 

Private lesson prices below. Clinic, Judging & Training - costs & information please email for a quote.

Private lessons in house $70 per session
Private lessons travel $80 per session

Also horses taken for private training.

For further information & bookings please contact me on 0427 375 302 or via email