8 Time National Australian Supreme Champion Exhibit  - In-Hand , Under Saddle & Versatility Performance!

Pure Black Homozygous Australian born- Morgan Stallion, American & Australian Registered. AMHA- 168238, MHAA- 182
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He is my pride & my joy, he is my living dream, he is my beautiful black stallion;
Watching Royalty...

'Watching Royalty' or 'Roy' as he is known to us; is the absolute epitome of the perfect Morgan horse.

An extremely intelligent, lovely & versatile stallion with immaculate manners, he is simply stunning and proud to look at, he has fantastic conformation and type true to the breed its self. He is of the old fashioned style of Morgan that we all know and love!.

He is my ridden horse and I love him, I am the only person who does anything with him - I train him, take him out and compete on him and breed with him. 
He always has my back, he is a big strong stallion, he choses the right decisions in situations to look after me and us! These traits are such an asset to him and a credit to his temperament...
No matter what we are doing, he steps off the float, takes a look around recognises what we are there for and behaves accordingly, he is pretty special & amazing.....
He stands just under 15. hh; He is classed as Homozygous Black which means he carries two black colour genes to make him only able to produce black foals!

He is beautiful stallion with a loving temperament & an awesome spunky personality, he showcases all of the Morgan traits the breed are famous for .
Roy has a wonderful trainable temperament, great work ethic and loves to learn. Once he is taught the movement he is only happy to remember it and work with you as a team to perform, he has beautiful floating movement, well balanced and comfortable paces. 
Roy demonstrates calm & sound knowledge of and easily recognises various disciplines such as; Showing, Dressage, Working Equitation, Show-jumping, Skill At Arms, Extreme Cowboy racing, Barrel racing, Trail, & Road Riding, Cattle & Sheep farm work & Western Training.

Roy's training is based on Classical Dressage he is in full training for the Show ring, Skill At Arms, Working Equitation & Extreme Cowboy. While we train various disciplines & obstacles they all still come down to correct dressage training and he is currently training medium level dressage movements.

He is always waiting at the gate to greet me with a big neigh out and his head hanging down looking for a pat.

His temperament, trainability, conformation & beautiful stylish looks can be seen in his progeny, when breeding to Roy he brings beautiful long straight legs, compact perfect shaped body, caved out head & ears, beautiful eyes and of course that spunky proud  bold presence and personality to his foals.....


Roy is available at public stud for live cover , AI fresh or chilled to anywhere in Australia.

service fees  - Purebred Morgan mares $1,500 plus non re-fundable $150 handling fee to be paid upon bookings, plus vets collection 
          - Non Morgan or Part Morgan mares $1,000 plus non re-fundable $150 handling fee to be paid upon bookings, plus vets collection 
                                                       ALL PART BRED FOALS CAN BE REGISTERED WITH THE MHAA


UNMATCHED - Roy has an unmatched & flawless show career.. 8 time National Supreme Champion Exhibit for In- hand, Under Saddle & Versatility Performance!
3 consecutive years in a row as Supreme Led Exhibit at the Melbourne Royal, Supreme led & Champion Ridden exhibits at numerous state shows and Ag shows over the years.....

Show results 
2016 National Morgan Show
Champion In hand Stallion
Supreme Purebred In hand Exhibit
Champion Ridden Purebred
Supreme Purebred Ridden Exhibit
Grand Champion Ridden Exhibit of the show
2016 Mary Woolverton Silver Buckle Versatility Challenge Winner!!!!!

2015 National Morgan Photo Show
1st Best Presented Morgan
1st Purebred Entire In-Hand (over 6yrs)
Champion Purebred Entire Morgan

2015 Royal Melbourne Show
1st Led Entire
Champion Purebred Male
Supreme Purebred Exhibit

2014 Victorian State Morgan Show
1st Led Entire
Champion Led Entire
Supreme Led Purebred Exhibit
Ridden classes
1st Ridden Purebred
Champion Ridden Morgan Exhibit (pure or part)

versatility classes
1st Best Educated Saddle Horse
1st Pleasure Ridden Horse
1st Show Hunter Ridden
1st Working Equitation Obstacles (style phase)

2014 Royal Melbourne Summer Show
1st Led Purebred Entire
Champion Purebred Male
SUPREME In Hand Exhibit

Ridden -
1st Ridden Purebred
Champion Ridden Morgan Exhibit

Held in Gawler South Australia Feb 2014.

Champion Purebred Entire
SUPREME In Hand Purebred Exhibit 2014

Held in Gawler South Australia Feb 2013.

In-Hand - Led 
1st Led In-hand purebred entire over 6yrs
Champion  In hand Entire
Supreme Champion In Hand Exhibit

1st Ridden Entire over 6yrs
Champion Ridden Entire



Roy Currently holds the Morgan Horse Association of Australia's National Show Titles for 2013 for Supreme Led In-hand Exhibit, Grand Champion Ridden Purebred Exhibit & Supreme Open Ridden Exhibit of the show. We have just had an absolutely wonderful & flawless first show season with Roy he just keeps getting better, we have worked very hard and earnt all of our wins in excellent ridden company, looking forward to more outings together.....
We have featured in a two page magazine article all about Roy & had our In Hand training with Manolo Mendez in his  training portfolio. Very lucky indeed!!!

Champion Pure Led Morgan
Supreme Champion Led Purebred Morgan

1st Ridden Purebred Morgan
Champion Ridden Morgan Horse
Please see on line magazine eques at (show horse magazine) for a full two page article on Watching Royalty, his life, training & future endeavours

Equitana Melbourne 17th  Nov 2012 - Roy went to Equitana for the day on behalf  of the Morgan Horse Association of Australia in the Breed display.
He wowed the crowed like a magnet with is beauty and cheeky personality, I think nearly everyone has a 'thing' about big beautiful black horses!
He went out with the utmost impeccable manners into his ridden demonstrations amongst company of other breeds, showcasing suitability to different disciplines, he featured in the eventing, hunter & western displays for that day as well as his own ridden Morgan horse demonstration.

Nov 2012 Ballarat Ag 
To win open breed led stallion over 4yrs, followed by Champion Led Entire, followed by Brierdale Sash, garland & rug for Supreme Open Led Exhibit..........

He went on to ridden classes, first intermediate ridden, second open ridden & then Reserve Champion open ridden horse!

Watching Royalty Progeny Video & Photos