Tekarra & Me Our Story

''I would like to share a story with you all of my wonderful Grey mare whom we sadly unexpectidley lost in July 2011. It was heart breaking to finnish writing but, such a story of a special love and bond should be shared with you all! I hope you enjoy.'' Beccara Lloyd 

Tekarra & Me
Our Story

2009 - Written & Published in MM

Part 1

Upon reading the annual MM I saw a book about Morgan horses Barrel Racing in the USA.
This prompted me to write to tell you all about what I have been doing with my Part Bred Morgan / Arabian mare.
Her Name is Mt Tawonga Tell Me True, I call her Tekarra.

She is now 10yo when she was 4yo Leah Collins owned her and sent her to me to be broken in after having her for a few weeks, well we fell in love with reach other…
She just knew what I was thinking and about to ask her to do, on countless occasions she would step out (being the new break-in in ridden out with other experienced horses mind you!!) from the group and go over tuff creek crossings, jump logs, open gates ect the times were endless I lost count. I remember thinking to my self at the time ‘this horse would make a great eventing or sporty type horse for someone’, as she just had that passion to work and such a great mind to really think about what she was being taught and really try to do it for you!

The time had come for her to return home to her loving family, where she would prove bit to much for their young daughter Lana at the time…
Upon hearing this I cried; as Leah told me she was going to have to sell her on and of course I could not afford to buy her at the time as we were building a new house on our farm in Mt Wallace. So she was sold back to Jenny Bird (the founder of Mt Tawonga Stud) in NSW where she had three beautiful foals to Marvelous Encore.

Over the years I kept in contact with Leah we were to become good friends, she would update me on Tekarra. I was always so shattered that I could never buy her, even though I really had no use for her, as I had show ponies and was very busy working riding other peoples horses and breaking in ect, but still is missed her a lot. I would dream of her at night. Leah would send me photos from Jenny of her and her foals, she felt mystical to me, she was always just a thought in the back of my mind a connection I would never have again…..

I was pregnant with my second daughter and come home to a phone message from Leah one evening saying Tekarra was going to be for sale due to the big drought, jenny had to sell all of her part-bred’s to be able to keep her purebred Morgans… My heart just dropped, I called Leah and found out all the details and a few months later she was mine, along with a foal at foot…… I was so happy I had my girl back…Still not knowing what I was ever going to do with her, I didn’t care she would just me my pleasure horse.
I still had to wait till I had my baby before I could ride her, but once I could, I finally saddled her up, she had not been ridden for about 4 years, I saddled up and off we went no fuss no nothing, she was still as sharp with all her leg aids which I taught her all those years before…..

So a year or so passed and I meet some wonderful new friends who happen to be Professional Rodeo Riders some of whom were Barrel Racers and Break-Away Ropers who say to me ‘you should have a go with your mare’.
So one of my good friends leant me his Quarter Horse, and taught me how to Barrel Race, we started a 3D Ride Tuff Saddle Series half way through the series I had learnt enough to start Tekarra, we went and had more lessons (as I knew there was a lot more to it than just flying around the drums!!) Tekarra really enjoyed it so I took her for her first run at the end of the series I was doing on my friends horse, she ran a good time she kept her cool and was very well behaved.

Everyone was so nice and accepting of her asking what breed she was ect, no one could believe it when I said she hadn’t been ridden in years, for how quite and accepting of everything she was, they had nothing to say but ‘ well done & encouragement advise’.

So that was it my mind was set…… I would take up Barrel Racing with her and compete in the next 3D Series coming up.
Then my aim is to have her Barrel Racing at Professional Rodeo’s in the New Year…..

So far we have been going great she really loves it. We have already placed in this current series she came 4th in the 3rd division out of 13 horses.
The next one was at Kyabram she ran the best she ever has and won 2nd this time in the 3rd division out of 17 horses, I was so wrapped she is just great.
So that’s my story so far, hopefully I will have some more news next time.
Beccara & Tekarra 

2011 Published in August MM…….
Part 2
To continue our story, Tekarra and I did go on to compete in the following Pro Rodeo Circuit.
Our first Rodeo we did was Cranbourne 2010 knowing Tekarra had only had limited outings in her whole life this was massive for us!! The crowd alone was five thousand people and to make matters worse we had to walk around the out side of the whole crowd and past all of the rides to get down into the arena to wait for our turn. It was early in the evening Tekarra of course was little bit weary walking past the Ranger ride as it flew around then past the back of the jumping castles and numerous other rides, some older more experienced horses we were following were carrying on a bit but Tekarra just listened to me telling her ‘steady girl’ and she kept her cool and just walked on past. She then stood in the line up waiting while children in the audience came up to meet her, she put her head down and enjoyed a pat before our names were called.

I was freaking out more than her……. I’m thinking to my self; Tekarra should be fine soon as she runs in and see’s the first drum she will just forget the crowd, the music, the big big V.I.P tent right at the second drum and just do her thing!!! WELL that was exactly what she did… We walked in, she looked around, kept her cool and waited for my command, then she was off, she seen the first drum and just went out and did her run, as we got out of the third drum she flew back across the finish lines and freaked out as if to say what the hell just happened!!
That was it… if we could survive that massive Cranbourne Rodeo we could take on anything!!!

We continued on to travel around and compete in many other Rodeos for the season, she never put a foot wrong, she always kept her cool, she never knocked a drum, she was just perfect, honest Tekarra.

We ended up getting our barrel racing photo from the Great Western Rodeo in the ‘Rodeo In Australia Magazine’ which was very exciting to feature in, and the wonderful Morgan Horse calendar, we also nearly got on the front cover of ‘The Arabian Horse News’ after the Geelong Rodeo an Arabian photographer had taken our photo that night and was in orr of Tekarra’s beauty and in amazement that there was Part bred Arabian barrel racing at pro rodeos. I ended up receiving a call from the people who run the Geelong Rodeo asking if they can give my details to this photographer as she wants to put our photo on the front cover of the Mag.
I agreed to it but then the AHSA would not recognize her registration as her dam was on lease at the time of her breeding and we could not find the lady who bred her. Its was quite a shame that the AHSA deemed the MHAA to small a society to take their papers to register Tekarra so she could make the front cover. Anyway I left it at that and did not go any further with it.

Our next season would see the rain and bad weather to have to cancel a lot of the rodeo’s we would normally compete at, so we did only manage the do a few, before I turned her out for a big spell over winter, while I broke her last foal in Red Bluff Tru-Lee, I called her ‘Amani’.
I have had Amani living back with Tekarra for that last 6months so she would pick up as many of Tekarra’s traits and mannerisms as she could in the hope to make her as great to deal with as her mother!!

Amani has been going really well under saddle and my plan for her was to hopefully make her into my roping horse. I am wanting to learn how to break-away rope (which is a ladies event at the rodeo’s) so that was my plan to be able to take Tekarra and barrel race on her and have Amani as my roping horse.

To sadly end our wonderful story was on the 2nd of July, 2011; my whole world stopped when my husband called me as he was checking the lambing ewes early in the morning to find Tekarra had unexpectedly past away; in the middle of her paddock, with out a mark on her……….

My most prized possession, the love of my life Tekarra was gone; just like that!!!! Our Story was NOT supposed to end this way!!!

A Tribute to my girl

20/09/1999 - 02/07/2011
‘My Hero’ R.I.P
Mt Tawonga Tell Me True (Tekarra).

You were my beautiful precious ‘Miss Perfect’ grey mare, whom I loved so much; Why you had to be taken from me in the prime of your life, I will never ever know.
Our wonderful story that spans me loving you from the moment I met you, when you were a baby, our achievements how great you were, was not supposed to end this way!!

We had a relationship like no other, you were not just a horse; You were an absolute freak of nature ‘my girl’. You seemed to me, to be able to read my mind and use it for all the good you could.

You looked after my children; in your true perfect style you just looked after all of us like you were our keeper;
Your absolute respect and trust in me set us apart from all the rest, we achieved so much in our short time together.

So thank you my friend for our special bond and for giving me the ability not only to have known you or you being my greatest horse ever, but also the ability to be able to barrel race a Morgan / Arabian in a Quarter Horse world and show everyone that their dreams are possible, you never put a foot wrong.
We did stand out from the crowd, for your beauty & perfect behavior is why people will talk about you and remember you for a very long time.

You have made a mark on my soul that will stay with me forever; You were my perfect precious Tekarra and I loved you so much. Not a day went by that I took you for granted, I would think how lucky I was to have you, and for that I am so grateful. I would dread, the day that would ever come that we would have to part ways, that was always my worst nightmare, I never thought it would be so soon.

I will say goodbye just for now. I will sadly miss you every day, until we meet again R.I.P. Tekarra.