Working Equitation

Dressage with purpose...... Its a fun way to train seriously!!!.

Our horses & riders are trained for their classical dressage moves using correct & progressive training & conditioning of the horse resulting in physical & mental soundness (in other words classical horsemanship) to achieve this.

We then use these skills to negotiate our way through the four phases of the discipline - dressage, obstacles ease of handling, obstacles at speed & cattle penning. 
The focus is harmony between horse & rider.

I am an accredited Trainer, Coach & Judge for WEA  and am very excited to be able to offer this seriously fun discipline to you all.

Makara Park Morgans & Working Equitation  
In association with Mrs Gillian Kennerley & Working Equitation Australasia .

Having recently moved our farm to the beautiful town of Echuca, we are in the process of setting up our new arena and facilities for Working Equitation and our training.

I am still available for outside clinics and private lessons.

At our new property we will be setting up our training facility to once again host our overseas Working Equitation specialists and classical dressage trainers as well as horse stays for clients to come a train on a regular basis.


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